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Demonstrations and curriculum based programs continue to make the Tennessee Agricultural Museum a popular destination for teachers. Programs last approximately one hour and concentrate on one particular subject area in the museum.Teachers can select seasonal activity programs or choose to do a walking tour of the museum.


The program fee of $1.00 per person allows one free admission with each class of 15 or more students. Maximum group of 60-70. A minimum of 15 students is required for an activity program. If your scheduled number drops below 15, you should call to re-schedule. Reservations are required. Call (615) 837-5197 for scheduling.


Covered Wagons & Log Cabins On The Cumberland
August - October
March - May

This program features a covered wagon and the items a family would need for survival on the Tennessee frontier. Your group will see and touch a variety of objects as they make decisions about packing the wagon with food, furniture and cooking utensils. Students will have a chance to operate the hand-turned gristmill, try the flat irons, learn how to make wood shakes and watch thread being made on the spinning wheel. From flax hackles to flintlocks, tea kettles and plows, students will see and touch the tools and equipment needed for building new homes and farming the land. Note: Weather will dictate the use of the log cabin area adjacent to the museum.


Tennessee's First Farmers--An Indian Legacy

Tennessee's first farmers were growing corn, beans, squash and pumpkins over a thousand years ago. The life of these Indian people who cared for the land will be better understood as students see and touch stone hoes, axes, and flint points. Selected students will also have an opportunity to make a clay pendant and grind corn with hand stones. A display of seeds, plants and roots will highlight Native American life-ways which included both cultivation and conservation.


Home for the Holidays

Gather round the cedar tree for stories and demonstrations featuring handmade ornaments and old-fashioned toys from a kaleidoscope of cultures. Sleigh bells and songs will make this a happy holiday celebration as we recall simple pleasures of long ago. Your group will enjoy sugar cookies and apple cider. Students will also take home a holiday pencil as a reminder of the traditional Christmas cedar.


George Washington: First President & Farmer
January - February

Join the celebration honoring George Washington--progressive farmer, famous soldier and America's first President. With a display of cakes, cookies and cherry tarts, kitchen activities will include saucering tea, turning an iron cherry pitter and grinding corn with a hand-turned gristmill. A bag of freshly ground cornmeal and recipe for making Washington's favorite corncakes will be given for cooking and tasting at school. Some students will use a quill pen and sander to address an invitation while others make notes from the farm records that Washington kept. The group will see a hand flail while selected students thresh wheat, build a fence, use a cross-cut saw and shell corn. Older children will also have a chance to see the 18th century surveying equipment that influenced the future of America's first president.


School Days in the Country
April - May / September - October

The teacher's hand bell will ring out as students enter the chapel school that features an 1865 wood burning stove, benches, water bucket and gourd dipper. Before lessons, students will stack firewood, sweep with the flat broom and sew copybooks. Your group will also use hornbooks, nib pens and slates as they focus on a time when farm children carried lunch pails and walked miles to study the "3 R's." Note: Limited to 30 students.


Farm Chores and Summer Fun - Farm Life Before Electricity
June - July

Wash tubs, scrub boards, corn shuck brooms, flat irons and butter churns will be part of the fun as groups participate in activities at the log cabins. Using a garden push plow, youth will have a chance to cultivate and weed heirloom vegetables like Red Velvet Okra, Civil War Peanuts and Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans. While snapping beans, silking corn and shelling peas, they will also discover how their great-grandmothers preserved summer vegetables for the winter months.


Traveling Trunk - Bringing History to the Classroom!

"Pioneer Journey" - the traveling trunk will build a sense of adventure as students see and touch items familiar to Tennessee pioneers. From betty lamps to buckskin and butter molds, there will be interesting objects to capture the imagination. Using a resource packet of activities and stories, students will journey to a time when pioneer farm families helped shape the course of our state.


Grades K - 4. Check-out Monday AM. $25 for two weeks.


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Teacher Information

Reservations are required for Activity Programs. Call (615) 837-5197 to schedule. Program fee is $1 for each student and adult.


A minimum of 15 students is required for activity programs. If your student number drops below 15, you should call to re-schedule. Maximum group size is 60-70. One free admission is allowed with each class of 15 or more students.

  • To avoid being rushed, please be on time and have your check prepared. Advance notice is expected if there is a cancellation or change in number.
  • The museum reserves the right to charge a fee if cancellation is not made within 24 hours of scheduled program.
  • Programs, designed for Kindergarten through 6th Grade, last approximately one hour and concentrate on one particular subject area of the museum.
  • You may select one of the activity programs or choose to do a walking tour of the museum.
  • Pre-visit materials and driving directions are found on this website.
  • Museum hours are 9 AM through 4PM on Monday through Friday. We are closed on holidays.


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