Tennessee Agricultural Museum

Summer Saturdays

Summer Saturdays and fun-filled activities for the family are just minutes away at the Tennessee Agricultural Museum in Nashville. Special activities will spotlight Tennessee farm life from 9 AM to 2 PM on July 11, 18, and 25. (Note, the museum will be closed July 4).

From wagon rides and horse shows to a grist mill and gardens, there will be different things for families to see and do each weekend. Grooming and riding miniature donkeys, milking goats, making soap or stopping by the cabins to see sheep shearing and spinning wheels--it's a smorgasbord of activities!

For a schedule and more information about Summer Saturdays, call (615) 837-5197.

Goats Galore! - Goats and more goats! They're everywhere! Bring your friends to help feed and milk them. It's a great time to sample some goat cheese or purchase goat milk soap and lotion. You can go to the log cabins to visit with the soap maker, test your skills at the weaving loom or shuck and shell corn. And if you've been dreaming about corn cakes, you might like to stop by the grist mill and buy a bag of freshly-ground cornmeal. Children can use the old-fashioned scrub boards and zinc tubs or have fun with a scavenger hunt. Small fee for face painting.

Old MacDonald's Farm - You'll find Hooch the Spotted Mule grazing beside the molasses mill. Kids can saddle up here for a miniature donkey ride or help feed and groom some of the farm animals. Remember to stop under the shade tree for sheep shearing. Then head to the log cabins where you'll see goats, guineas, chickens, roosters and baby lambs. The farmer's wife will be on the cabin porch using a spinning wheel to make thread. Horses will be in the pasture and the garden gate will be open. And for the young and the young of heart, there's a pig snorting contest! So, grab your straw hat and put on your overalls for a fun day on the farm! Small $3 fee for donkey rides.

Walk on the Wild Side! - Walk into the world of wild wings and creeping things--featuring butterflies, bugs and bees. There will be butterfly nets, a huge butterfly hotel, a center for identifying and releasing the winged beauties, an observation bee hive and creepy-crawly stations everywhere! You can have fun searching the Nature Trail for twenty hidden surprises, enjoy big bug games and discover some amazing facts about Tennessee wildlife. Remember to stop by the Kids Craft Corner to meet the Butterfly King. Then pick up an activity book, make a beautiful butterfly to take home or do a face-off with a gigantic five-foot praying mantis. It's a wild weekend!

Horsing Around! - Put on your boots and get ready for a stomping good time! Free wagon rides! Stick horse races! Blacksmithing! Horse stables! The Metro Mounted Police Patrol will be training Tennessee Walking Horses in the show barn at 10 AM and 11:30 AM. You can see a team of the big Belgians or look for American Spotted Saddle Horses and more activities at the log cabins. From the Ag Museum to the Show Barn, there are horses, wagon wheels, side saddles and a multitude of farm exhibits. Like to take home a good luck memory? Jeweled horse shoes can be purchased at the museum. Small fee for face painting.

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