Traveling Trunk

Bringing history to your classroom! Open the traveling trunk and take a PIONEER JOURNEY.


The traveling trunk builds a sense of adventure as students see and touch items familiar to Tennessee pioneers. From betty lamps to buckskin and butter molds, there are interesting objects to capture the imagination. Using a resource packet of activities and stories, students can journey to a time when pioneer farm families shaped the course of our state.


Award-winning Program

  • Activity Packet
  • Twenty-two objects
  • Musical CD
  • Give-aways

Classroom Enrichment for Grades K-4

  • Reserve for 2 Weeks
  • Teacher Pick Up: Monday AM
  • Teacher Return: Second Thursday by 4 PM
  • Check-out Fee: $25

Call (615) 837-5197 to schedule.


NOTE: This is an outreach program designed for the traditional classroom with teacher supervision. Not for individual use.

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